sub-contract services

Ceratex Sub-contract Division operates under appropriate approval systems including AS9100C & ISO 9001/2008 and incorporates inspection control and laboratory facilities to provide a comprehensive in-house finishing service for aerospace components.

The following services are available:

Vibratory Barrelling

Often called up prior to finishing operations in new components and in preparing used components for further operations. Subcontract Division operates a range of vibratory plant, featuring component material separation where necessary, and a wide range of approved medias in plastics and ceramics

Abrasive Blasting

Both wet and dry blasting is available, and a comprehensive stock of aircraft grade alumina media is always maintained.

Ultrafinish process

As with vibratory barrelling, a range of plant is available for subcontract finishing. Specific choice of machine and vibratory action can therefore be matched to give the most efficient superfinish treatment for individual ranges of components. As media manufactures we are able to draw upon a wide range of approved media in both abrasive ceramics and for aluminised components - pure non-abrasive porcelain. We also produce and use a range of approved liquid and slurry compounds to enable us to efficiently achieve the fine surface finishes of less than 10 micro inches (0.25 micrometers).

Controlled Peening

Increasingly being recognised as an essential treatment for turbine and compressor blade gas washed surfaces and location roots, and is now called up on the majority of new and repaired components. Subcontract Division's capacity covers glass bead, ceramic bead, and metal shot peening of components to a maximum length of 900mm (36").

Dry Film Lubricant Coating

Dry film lubricant coating of compressor blade roots and other aerospace components is carried out utilising a variety of graphite and molybdenum disulphide approved coatings, and our laboratory facilities are comprehensively equipped for thickness and adhesion testing

Sacrificial corrosion Resistant Coatings

These coatings offer protection of corrodible steels and may be polished to a highly reflective finish.