company overview

Ceratex Engineering was founded in 1968. Our longevity and success can be put down to a number of factors not least of which are our flexibility and "high-tech" approach.
We offer a suberb range of vibratory and rotary finishing equipment. The following products and services are available:

Vibratory and Rotary Finishing Equipment.
A full range of finishing media (chips), including abrasive ceramic, porcelain, and plastic in a full range of shapes and sizes.
Finishing compounds to suit all processes.
Precision polyurethane castings.
Effluent treatment (dedicated systems).

Sub-Contract Services

Vibratory and Rotary deburring/polishing.
Controlled glass bead and steel shot peening.
Abrasive blasting (wet and dry).
Dry film lubricant coating.

Vibratory and rotary finishing systems
Stainless steel media
Maize drying granules
Abrasive grit (Aluminium oxide), range of sizes
Glass beads

Advisory Service
Regardless of existing machinery or supplier(s) we offer an advisory service covering medias / machines and processes

Plant Reconditioning Service
Fully comprehensive service resulting in up to 2 year guarantees for all repair and refurbishments. COMPLETE refurbishments carried out