aerospace services

Ceratex Engineering was founded in 1968 and has been involved in the manufacture and supply of finishing machinery and consumables to the major aerospace manufacturers for some 20 years.

Ceratex specialises in the manufacture & supply of vibratory polishing machinery and our machines are installed world wide. Our machines, which are second to none, are offered with a 2 year guarantee, which we believe is unique in the industry.

As well as manufacturing the machinery we have also developed our own finishing methods. Ceratex finishing systems have been used in the surface finishing of aero

engine components, in particular blades, for a number of years. In recent times this has resulted in the development of our 'Ultrafinish' system which achieves a surface finish on compressor aerofoils of less than 0,20 micrometres (8 micro-inches), a requirement which is becoming more and more commonplace in the design of the new generation of engines.

Our sub-contract service offers manufacturers of turbine and compressor blades a complete processing service from de-burring through the peening, polishing, and coating operations.

Ultrafinish process

Our fully equipped tool room and polyurethane casting facility provides for the manufacture of protector caps and masks essential for the peening and polishing operations, for both in-house and external manufacturers use.

Rolls-Royce approval was originally given to Ceratex Polishing Media & Chemical Compounds in 1983 and further process approvals were granted over recent years.

dry film lubricant coating

extruded & cut media loaded prior to firing

We can also supply other items such as:

Glass beads
Steel shot
Ceramic shot
Dry film lubricants
Abrasive grits

In essence we are the 'One Stop Shop' for the final processing requirements for a range of aero-engine processes.